Automation: What Will It Do For My Business?

The goal of every business, regardless of what type, is to maximize profit! To make money that supports you, as the owner, and your employees.

The benefit of automation, which is what makes it an essential tool for maximizing profit, is that it gives you the ability to do more work with fewer people. Doing more with less is a prime way to make more money.

There are almost too many advantages of automation to list, but I’m going to discuss seven of the biggest ways in which automation can help your business.

  1. Solidify Processes – A big part of automation is process, i.e., breaking down what needs to be accomplished into a set of simple, easy to follow, repeatable steps. Better identifying what it takes to make something happen WILL lead to greater success. You will then know exactly what you should be doing in a given situation each and every time you do it, and actually putting that process into words (written or spoken).
  2. Cut Waste and Improve Efficiency – As I mentioned in #1, you are going to be saying out loud or writing down your process for completing tasks. This will help you identify wasted steps, inefficiencies, and generally know what you DON’T need to do any more. “Trimming the fat” is a term that’s been used for decades to mean getting rid of what’s not needed, and that is what happens when implementing automation. Fewer steps means more forward movement [momentum?]!

(Note: I’d wager at this point, if you work through numbers one and two, you’ll likely see a big enough uptick in profit and success, that the changes will pay for any technological innovation you wanted to undertake as part of the automation process.)

3. Make Value Where There Was Little – There is inherent value in knowing what it takes to execute a task. Most people don’t realize that not because they don’t care, but because they are focused on big-picture concepts that make them money in more obvious ways. I can’t emphasize enough that setting up an automated process is GOING TO MAKE YOU MONEY. You know from experience that to run a business, you have to track and understand where your money is being spent. But you also have to know what it takes to make the proverbial wheels of your business turn, from the simplest tasks to the most complex. As you go through the automation process, you will learn all the moving parts of your business, if you didn’t know understand them already

4. Happier Employees – A happy employee is a productive employee. A very simple way to make employees happier and, by extension, more productive, is to give them a defined list of tasks that need to be executed. However, very few business owners have the time to draft to-do lists for each of their employees each day. If you used automation, the sequences you set up would do that for you! Your employees would then know exactly what needed to be done, without any second-guessing or confusion, and without any extra effort from you. Streamlining their expectations allows them extra time to work on projects in YOUR BUSINESS, which can result in greater job satisfaction for them, and getting a leg up on the competition for you.

5. More Work + Fewer People = Faster Growth – How can you get more done with fewer people and grow your business faster? Automation. With the right automation software and hardware in place, you won’t have to hire as many people to scale your business. When you are no longer paying salaries and benefits to employees to do basic, simple tasks, you can afford to attract talented, experienced individuals who will lend value to your business and help propel it forward. Reducing headcount will positively impact your bottom line and allow your business to grow at a faster pace.

6. Marketing Enhancements – Marketing benefits from automation so much that I can’t condense it into just one paragraph, or even list all the benefits right here. The following 8 benefits are, in my opinion, the most worthy of discussion.

  • Same Leads, Better Conversions – Utilizing processes such as lead scoring or lead tracking allows you to maximize your leads and understand what turns those leads into customers faster. Update your processes to make sure your marketing is focused on the things that make people buy your product or service.
  • Understand Your Leads Better – Who are your leads? What are their demographics? What other types of products do they buy? What other businesses do they love? Could you create synergy between your business and your customers by bringing in more/different products?
  • Identify Your Best Lead Sources – You’ll start to see patterns of where your leads are coming from. You can evaluate the efficacy of your marketing, and easily identify what is working, and what is not working. Then you can redirect your marketing budget toward the most successful channels and perhaps makes changes to channels which aren’t as successful.
  • Making Customers Happier More Often – By creating onboarding processes you’ll be able to achieve greater customer satisfaction Explaining to customers how to get the most value from your company results in positive experiences and happier customers.
  • Rabid Fans =  Loyal Customers – A repeat customer is the best kind of customer. By focusing your marketing in areas you know your customers love or want, you’ll be able to maximize customer loyalty and tailor your strategies to bring customers the most value possible. Your customers will know you hear them and that you care about their needs and wants, which will increase loyalty.
  • Uncover Followers You Didn’t Know You Had – Automating your marketing will show you just how many loyal followers you really have and how they got to be loyal followers. It can show you that customers or followers are coming from unexpected sources, or maybe that one of your recent marketing strategies was a surprise hit. Understanding what speaks to people and makes them respond will make you money.
  • More Reviews = More $$ – Positive reviews from existing customers builds confidence in your business among potential customers. But how do you entice customers to leave reviews? By adding a dedicated schedule of asking your customers to leave reviews, you can promote your business based on the happiness of your already loyal customer base. Studies have shown that more reviews = more profit.
  • Access To Up-To-Date Info All The Time – Through automated information tracking, analytics, and clearly defined marketing goals, you’ll always be up-to-date on which marketing sources are hitting it out of the park and which are falling flat

7. Work Smarter, Not Harder – Automating your business will lead to a shift in your overall mindset. Understanding that by using automation you can do the same amount of work but with less effort can be incredibly powerful and freeing. It will actually cause you to look at the world differently and start noticing inefficiencies in every aspect of your life. You’ll start to notice that by changing the way you do x, y, or z, it would be cheaper, faster, easier, and better.

I could probably go on for another dozen pages with more reasons why you should automate your business, but I think these are the areas in which it will bring you the most value.